Forensic Review

  • Forensic analysis to perceive the quantum of embezzlement in the books of accounts, processes implemented and advise on the ameliorate in the process of the organization to evade revenue leakages and cost optimization.

International Financial Reporting

  • Advising clients for conversion IGAAP Financial statement to Financial Statements as per International Financial Reporting Standards and vice versa.

Restructuring of Financial Statements

  • Assisting in restructuring of financial statements by modifying the debt, operation or structure as a means of potentially eliminating financial harm and improving business within the legal frame work or as per the directions of Judiciary.

Systems Establishment Services

  • Chart of Authority : Assisting companies in defining and preparing Authority Matrix and Delegation of Power Matrix.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) : Assisting to develop SOP defining step by step instructions to be complied by various level of hierarchy to carry out routine or complex operations and also aimed to achieve efficiency, quality outputs and uniformity of performance, reducing miscommunications.
  • Fixed Assets Register : Assist in preparation of Fixed Asset Register in order to enable the company to have a better control over its fixed assets to ensure that assets are not misappropriated and legal requirements are complied with. Better control over correct cost, depreciation charge, control over assets which are not under simple or direct control of the company.